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A plugin that makes people happy (according to our tests)

Where can it be used?

Where and how can MyChat360 be used? Anywhere! Just some examples:

Using one's own face
Showing your products
Meet friends in wonderful places!
Art lessons
Many great locations
Places you would like to visit in real life
Your product in 3D
Studying animals
Video sharing sites
Getting to know each other
Helping a client
Client support
Photographic portfolio
Modelling together


Our clients really, really love us! Wonder why? Just check the demo!

happy customer


- Ann Abrahams 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"Great alternative for an ordinary chat."

- Diego Soares 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"The best 3D chat software out there."

- Bill Thorn. 5/5 Stars!

Fast & free installation

We install the software on your site for free within 24 hours from the purchase. You do not have to do anything!


The chat can be run both in normal and in mobile browser. It automatically opens the mobile interface when opened on a mobile device.

A truly social feature

You feel that visitors get bored on your website? They do no like using ordinary chat? Try MyChat360!

Dedicated support

Our support is always free. You will never have to pay anything again, we correct all problems and help for free.

Own face can be used

The users can use their own faces. They are uploaded, processed by our algorithm, and applied to the model.
See a screenshot

Multiple locations

There are many wonderful locations already there and we are constantly adding new ones.

Emotions on faces

Whenever a smilie is sent, the face of the person who sent it changes: he smiles, frowns, etc. Can you imagine something like this?
See a screenshot

Avatar configuration

Users can choose bodies and heads, as well as faces. Also one's own face can be applied to the model.
See a screenshot

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does MyChat360 require plugins?

No. It runs on pure JS and starts as soon as it is loaded into the browser. No Flash, no other plugins to download.

Does it require a lot of bandwidth?

No. For example, one location weighs about 800-900 KB, less than 1 MB. It has been optimized a lot.

Is support for the software free?

Yes. We help with installation and answer all questions for free for lifetime.

Has it been optimized for mobile phones?

Yes. It is extremely lightweight and does not require a lot of processor power. Even the oldest phones can handle it.

How often do you update MyChat360?

We update it once in a month usually. Sometimes an update can take more.

How long have you been in business?

Our company MotionLake has been in business since 2005. We also develop social networks, dating websites, mobile apps, etc.

How is support for the software provided?

We have a wonderful ticket center we have been using for years with all our thousands of clients.

Can locations be disabled?

Yes. You can choose the locations you need, or even have only one location active if it suits your goals best.

How do I update the software?

You will just need to upload the new files and that is it. We can also help updating.

How can I run the mobile demo?

Well, all you need to do is open our site on a mobile phone :-) The demo variant you will see will be the mobile one.

Can I replace the pictures on the walls?

Yes sure. These are just images, you can put anything there. For example, some ads or tutorials.

It is such a cool product, why so cheap?

This is the price that allows us to live and further develop the 3D chat. And yes, people love MyChat360 :-)

Where is your company located?

London, Great Britain. But many people from our staff work from abroad.

Why is it called MyChat360?

360 degrees in geometry means one full turn.

What are the system requirement for hosting?

MyChat360 can run on any hosting that has PHP and MySQL. It does NOT require IonCube or any other special technology installed. That is, all modern hostings are good to go, including

Can I resell your software and get a %?

Yes sure, just register here. You will get a 20% of each sale.

Can I order a custom location?

Yes. Please contact us and we will come up with a price. Please note, all locations eventually appear in the software, for everyone to use.

Can I order a custom character?

Yes. Please contact us and we will come up with a price. Please note, all characters eventually appear in the software, for everyone to use.

Can I resell the site that uses MyChat360?

Yes. The only thing you can not do is resell the software as software, without being our affiliate. But you can sell a site that uses MyChat360, no problem.

Can I use MyChat360 on a WordPress site?

Yes. As well as on a Joomla, Drupal, or any other website, even if it does not have member registration at all. In this case MyChat360 will do the registrations.

Are the locations and the characters cached?

Yes. After a location has been loaded once for example, it will be cached in the browser and the future loads will be extremely fast.

I am a client and I found a bug, what do I do?

Please submit a ticket here and we will get back to you ASAP. All problems are corrected for free, always.

I have a great idea for you, where do I submit it?

Just submit it here: MyChat360 Wishes Forum and we will surely consider your idea.

MotionLake is cool, I want to work with you!

Great, send us some information about you and we will consider your proposal. Your field of knowledge does not matter.

Is MyChat360 truly responsive?

Yes. You can check it on any imaginable device and the software will always look perfect.

Can I use my own logo instead of yours?

Yes sure. You just need to upload your own logo image. It is a 100% unbranded software. "Powered by MyChat360" will NOT appear anywhere.

Can I upload my own objects?

Yes, you can upload your objects. This can be useful if you want to show your products in 3D. You can check the Showroom location, all objects you see there are custom ones.

Do you have a forum for users?

Yes, please visit our forum here Discuss anything there and share your ideas!

Frontend Integration Types

How can MyChat360 be integrated into my site's layout?

Rectangle on a page

You may want MyChat360 to take only a part of a page. In this case it will be "inserted" into the page's layout. Please do not make it too small though, it will be hard to use.

Horizontal part of a page

This type can be seen on this very website, when you click Demo in the above menu. You can have the chat for example in the footer of a page. We find this variant a comfortable one.

Full screen / popup

You can dedicate a whole page to MyChat360, so after the user clicks the menu item, a new browser tab is opened. Click to try. "The page" can be a popup too! Try a small popup.

Mobile full screen

On the mobile phone it will always occupy the whole browser window. This makes it comfortable to use. This variant also has a different interface with a keyboard.

And whatever integration type you use, MyChat360 is 100% responsive & will always occupy all it's space!

Backend Integration Types

How can MyChat360 be integrated into my website?

Connecting to site's DB

If you have a website where member registration is possible then this is the best way. People will log in on your site and use the 3D chat under their logins. It can be a WP site with user registration or a social network, for example. This is the most "seamless" way of connecting to the DB. People log in only once, on your site itself.

Guest chat

If your site has no registration possibility at all or even does not run on a database (it can be a simple HTML page for example), you can use this type. In this case people will just choose their gender and fill any optional fields that you choose (nickname, city, age, etc). After the chat is closed, the data is deleted.

Fast registration

If you have no registration on your website MyChat360 can use its own database so people will be able to register. Fast registration requires this data: gender, nickname, email, password. In this case all data is stored in the database of the chat software itself.

Full registration

The same as fast registration, but more fields can be used: gender, nickname, email, password, city, age. In this case all data is stored in the database of the chat software itself. Your website can even be a simple HTML page without any database at all.

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